October 2018, has been marred by a multitude of massive cyber attacks aimed at Canadian corporations. Many big-name companies have been targeted, namely Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Milestones, Kelseys, Montana’s, Bier Market and East Side Mario’s


All of the aforementioned chains were struck by ransomware which can block and encrypt computers and/or dedicated servers locking users out of their own databases. Inevitably, these attacks have been followed by ransom demands for between 15 and 35 bitcoins (bitcoins currently stand at 8000$ CAD) with an additional 0.5 bitcoins being added daily if they were made to wait.

Cyber criminals normally target corporations and organizations who store their information on localized servers. In the case of Ryuk ( the ransomware used in these attacks) once criminals have penetrated these localized servers they are able to encrypt computers across the board locking out users.

Clinics and Health services are often prime targets for cyber criminals. in light of the wealth of personal and sensitive information available through health records. In 2016 numerous English hospitals were left at a virtual standstill unable to access their files following a cyber attack of this nature.

Not only do attacks like these paralyze companies, it’s also difficult to ascertain what long-term effects they can have. Was any information stolen and resold on the black market? Did the hackers create a back-door to allow them access to your systems? A major data breach can create serious legal and reputational consequences for your company.


Companies using a “cloud” style software are less vulnerable to these types of cyber attacks. With all information being stored on external servers, the data benefits from additional protection created by experts and maintained by your service provider.

Cyber criminals interested in attacking companies do not see companies that store their information on a secure cloud as a viable target. These criminals are looking for localized servers that they can hold for ransom while awaiting their payment.


Any and all information that is stored on MEDEXA is protected and secure at all times. With a team of experts dedicated to keeping your information secure and working around the clock to ensure its protection in the cloud. Here at Medexa we have three major objectives concerning your data.

1. NO loss of data
2. NO data breaches
3. NO loss of data integrity

System security and data backups are our number one priority and we are committed to working with your business to ensure your information is safe. We accomplish this through:

• Data storage on secured independent servers
• Servers integrity monitored 24/7
• System backups every 24h and stored for 15 days on multiple servers.
• Quick IT development keeping us on the cutting edge

This system ensures that even if your business falls prey to a localized attack, your information is always accessible, keeping your practice open and limiting any impact on day-to-day operations.

Would you like to know more about our security measures? Would you like to take a look at our online clinic management software? Call now!




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